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Buy Drum DVDs at Drummer DVDs.com! We are the #1 source for drum dvds online! We offer quaility DVDs featuring live concerts, educational drum lessons, drum solos, interviews, and more. Find the Drum DVDs you need to fulfill your drumming passion!

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Ray Luzier Double Bass Drum Techniques DVD
Powerhouse rock drummer Ray Luzier takes you through an in-depth survey of modern rock drumming techniques and styles. Through clear, step-by-step explanations and exercises (including a companion booklet), Ray reveals details of essential techniques. Includes instructional booklet.

  Metallica Classic Songs Play-Along DVD
Learn the trademark drum grooves and fills behind one of the most influential metal bands of all time. Backing tracks are included so you can play along. An analysis of eight songs: Damage, Inc., Fight Fire with Fire, Frantic, Hero of the Day, Jump in the Fire, The Memory Remains, The Shortest Straw, & Wherever I May Roam.


Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer DVD
Jojo Mayer's Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer is recommended for drummers of every age, style and skill level. The double-DVD, 3-hour set covers a wide range of information on drumming technique, from the most fundamental to the most advanced.


Chad Smith & Ian Paice DVD
Ian Paice alongside Red Hot Chili Pepper's drummer Chad Smith have confirm their positions as two of the most potent rock drummers of the last 30 years! This unique DVD includes interviews with both Chad and Ian, a chance to see them sound check before their performance, and more!


Peter Magadini Jazz Drums DVD
With an all star cast of today's hottest drummers, the Drum Pads 20th Anniversary DVD is sure to be a favorite in most drummers’ collections! This 2 disc DVD captures the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Drum Pad. DVD Extras include multi-angle performances, Mangini's personal notes, interviews, and more!


Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials DVD
On this DVD, Tommy demonstrates 47 of today's most popular drum patterns, including a performance of each with a rhythm track played by some of New York's top players. This unique feature lets the student hear what each groove sounds and feels like with real music played by live musicians.

Drumming DVD

Wooten & Beauford - Making Music DVD
It's a fascinating process to watch the chemistry between Carter and Victor. Covering topics such as playing in odd times, styles, musicianship, turnarounds and more, this special DVD features a new 50-minute master class by Victor plus his brilliant solo from Bass Day 2001!

Bozzio & Wackerman DVDs  

Solos & Duets DVDs with Bozzio & Wackerman
This special 2 Disc DVD set features Terry Bozzio and Chad Wackerman putting on a spectacular display of drumming doing both slamming solos and rocking duets. Recorded live at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA, the video shows live concert footage along with interviews with the musicians.

Drumming DVD

Drummer's Night in Boston DVD
The Drummer's Night in Boston DVD captures concert footage of drummers Chad Smith and John Blackwell at a special benefit event. Special features include: interviews backstage; unprecedented access to Smith and Blackwell; multi-angle shots of the performance; a photo gallery, and more!


History Of The U.S. Beat DVD
With over four and a half hours of footage, this 2-DVD set is a virtual encyclopedia of drumset techniques, styles and concepts! Segments include hand and foot technique, licks and phrases, how the drum is used in various music styles, and so much more.


Play Drums Now! Educational DVD
In this "How to Play Drums" DVD, noted drum instructor and performer Dick Petrie teaches the absolute beginner drummer to master basic techniques. This "how to" DVD ensures a successful beginning in learning proper drum playing. 60 minutes of solid, drums instruction. Learn how to play drums today!

The Studio Percussionist Vol. I DVD

The Studio Percussionist Vol. I DVD
Geared for the serious recording percussionist, this DVD gives a first-hand glimpse at the recording process of one of the most sought-after studio percussionists in the world. Luis Conté demonstrates the recording of basic tracks and the overlaying of additional tracks to complete a cut.

Neil Peart DVD

Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVDs with Neil Peart
The latest drum DVD from one of the most popular drummers today, Rush's Neil Peart! This 2 disc offering features in-studio footage of Neil Peart's own method of soloing. He talks in depth about the technique, inspiration, and thinking that goes behind his drum solos using a live 9 minute solo as an example. Tons of Special Features for Drummers and Neil Peart lovers!

Out Trio DVD - Terry Bozzio  

Out Trio Drum DVD with Terry Bozzio
Fans of Terry Bozzio will love this drummers DVD featuring his performance as part of the Out Trio. The ex-Zappa drummer teams up with bassist Patrick O'Hearn and guitar prodigy Alex Machacek for an all instrumental, rare concert experience. Get your copy of this unique Drummer's DVD today!

Drumming DVD  

Thomas Lang "Creative Control" DVDs
Thomas Lang presents an innovative practice regime and system for helping develop incredible drumset technique. Special DVD Features: Looping function for continuous play, making it easier to absorb and master each one, Bonus live performance footage and live drum solos, transcriptions, and more! 2 DVD Discs.


Cindy Blackman Multiplicity DVD
From jazz to rock to funk, and bebop to Kravitz, super-drummer Cindy Blackman gives it up in this instructional DVD. A woman with many facets, she performs six songs with her band, covering a multitude of styles in both acoustic and electric formats.


Beginning Drum Volume Two DVD
Filled with rock-solid information from beginning to end, this intermediate-level DVD helps drummers build a stronger foundation, covering: fills and phrases; snare accenting; paradiddle and flam rudiments; funk and shuffle grooves; motion exercises; and more!


Bass Drum Techniques DVD
This DVD is the world's first comprehensive guide to mastering the art of playing the bass drum. Matt Ritter is one of NYC's most in-demand drumset teachers.In this DVD, he brings his unique perspective to bear on one of the least understood aspects of modern drumset playing – bass drum techniques.


Basic Afro-Cuban Rhythms DVD
Learn how to play and practice the classic rhythms of the Afro-Cuban tradition with Berklee professor Ricardo Monzón. Monzón demonstrates the patterns and instruments that form the beating heart of the Afro-Cuban tradition, on clave, conga, timbale, bongo and guiro.


Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend DVD
This 2-disc DVD features almost 6 hours of concert footage, innovative workshops, and highlights from the amazing festival weekend. Includes performances by Greg Bissonette, Steve Smith, Marco Ninnemann, Dave Beck, Dom Famularo, Chad Wackerman Band, and Michael Schack.


Afro-Cuban Coordination For Drumset DVD
Martinez reveals her revolutionary studies for Afro-Cuban rhythms, coordination, improvisation, and feel in this DVD. Includes: lessons and live band performances, hand percussion demonstrations in Mambo, Nanigo, Songo, and Mozambique styles, rhythm studies, improvising, and more!

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  The Best of the Modern Drummer Festival DVD
Featuring exceptional and inspirational performances by over 50 of the world's top drum artists, this DVD offers drummers and drum enthusiasts an incredible opportunity to watch heroes and legends at the top of their careers as well as up-and-coming players just starting out.

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Drum DVDs

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